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I’ve had such a amazing result with Lucinda and it’s been continuous results! we’ve been working on increasing my overall food intake while loosing weight/ fat at the same time, Not only have I seen results in my body but also my in my fitness levels and energy! I have learnt so much about fuelling my body the right way, there’s no way I could ever go back to those stupid low cal diets, no carbs, keto etc. this a a lifestyle that I could stick to forever! 

- Kate

Lucindas Program has really helped me have a much healthier relationship with food. I never felt that I could be eating this much yet seeing such significant results! Her guidance and support helped me through the first 6 weeks and now I am feeling fitter and healthier than ever! My relationship with food is completely different, and mentally this is a lifestyle I can sustain because of the flexibility it gives you!I highly reccomend this program and I am excited for the results to come! Thankyou Lucinda! 

- Terese 

I just finished my first 12 weeks with Cindafit and all I can say is wow!! I have lost over 13kgs and have gained so much knowledge towards my nutrition and health. Not only did Lucinda give me all the support I needed to nail my goals, I was also at a very low point with my mental health when I started and through the support and encouragement she has given me, I am well on my way to being my old and happy self again! She has gone above and beyond throughout this pandemic and has made sure each and every one of us were ok and had everything we needed to succeed. I have so much more energy now and have finally started enjoying all the wonderful things life has to offer again. I cannot recommend this program enough I absolutely loved everything about it. I loved it that much I signed up for another 12 weeks.

- Shikera 

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Cindafit has helped me lose 10kgs so far and we aren't done yet! She is very knowledgeable around nutrition and has worked with my diatery requirements as a type 1 diabetic to tailor a plan that suits my needs and lifestyle. She has created a plan which I can use long term that doesn't feel like a diet and doesn't require cheat meals or cheat days. She offers LOADS of recipes and food ideas which have all been easy to prepare and delicious!! As someone who has never dieted in my life and always found it hard to lose weight, the ease and flexibility of Cindafit's program is something I can't recommend highly enough. Her one on one consultation style, constant support and the network of clients she has created is what sets her program apart from others.

- Alyssa 

I just completed 6 weeks with Lucinda and wow she is an incredible woman! I'm a very athletic and physical person but I was unhappy with how my body looked and wanted to lose weight. I also had a bad relationship with food and struggled to know what I needed for my body. My goal was to lose weight, tone my body, eat out without feeling restricted and to mentally feel better about myself. The biggest challenge for me on this journey was a 4 day work conference in another state without being about to cook my own food. Lucinda was there the whole time and told me "you've got this!". With her help and a phone call before I left, I was still able to lose weight that week!! Wow I felt great.

Not only have I lose 3kg in 6 weeks and tone my muscles, I also have more energy, happiness and my confidence have all improved. Lucinda has taught me that it's not a diet, it is a way of living and something you can maintain all the time. To be the best version of you, find what works and don't make it complicated. Thank you Lucinda for all you're incredible knowledge and guidance throughout my journey. Can't wait for weeks 7-12. 

- Kirstie 

After struggling to lose weight I had gained on and off over the last couple of years with trying a few different diets which left me feeling frustrated and not seeing results I am so grateful to had signed up with Cindafit for her 6wk eating plan. I lost my goal weight of 4kgs and 28cm all over but most importantly I have a new mindset about food and have learnt a lot about her approach, the easy to follow and yummy recipes as well as the support and coaching from Lucinda has been just what I needed to get me back on track and heading towards the bigger picture. Having Crohn’s disease and living with a Iliostomy bag, Lucinda has been able to take all of my needs into consideration to give me results and better my health and I honestly feel I’m the healthiest I’ve been since having major surgery 2 years ago. I can not recommend Cindafit enough, I will continue my health journey with her guidance. 

- Michelle

I am so happy and relieved that I came to Lucinda to help me reach my goals and educate me. She has catered for my GF needs and provided multiple recipes at the beginning AND throughout my time with her. I have learnt so much about nutrition, and my body in such a short time. 110% recommend her, the support is amazing, I feel like I am part of a team. Thank you Lucinda . Best decision ever!!! 

- Shannon

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Lucinda has changed my life for the better and I have learned to love food again! I eat ample amounts of amazing food followed by dessert every night! She has taught me so much in such a short amount of time! I have lost 10KG and 26CM across my whole body in 7 weeks with hardly any exercise! Changing my nutrition, counting my macros and being consistent has let me reach this goal! Our grocery bill is cut in half and I barely spend any money on takeaway food since starting which has been huge for me as I used to eat out ALOT! I’m enjoying cooking each night and trying new recipes from the Cindafit Recipe Book! My fiancé eats what I eat every night and he loves the meals which is a bonus! The only regret I have is that I didn’t start sooner! Your amazing girl thanks for believing in me. 


Lucinda has helped me lose 6kgs and reach the goal I want to be at for my wedding. Her recipes are delicious and I have not felt restricted in what I can eat at all. She has helped educate me in what my daily intake of carbs, fat and protein should look like therefore allowing me to eat whatever I like as long as I make it fit within these calculations. Lucinda is very supportive and with her growing business now has a large group of girls who share recipe ideas and encourage each other. She is always creating new recipes and sharing good finds at the grocery stores so you never feel like you’re eating the same foods over and over again. I definitely recommend contacting Lucinda for your weight loss needs! 

- Alex 

I started with Lucinda in February this year, 5 month post partum, wanting to get my confidence back and learn how to make flexible eating part of my lifestyle. From day 1 I have never felt restricted and have lost 4.3kgs, eating all the things I enjoy! I have learnt so much about food, nutrition and balance during my journey with Lucinda and the constant support she gave me was incredible. I can't thank her enough for helping this mumma get her confidence back and would highly recommend her if you want to change your life and relationship with food.

- Kylie