Unlike the average Australian who puts on 3.5 kilos over December - let's say NO to ‘Christmas Kilos’ this year. And no more starting January 1st! With this Guide, our aim is to give you the knowledge, support and confidence to stay on track during the Festive season, while still enjoying all it has to offer. This guidebook includes topics such as:


  • Realistic Goal Setting
  • Plating & Portions
  • Delicious Christmas Recipes
  • Beverages: Choices & Tracking
  • Hacks & Tricks to save Calories
  • Bouncing Back after a Binge
  • and much more!


This Christmas, let's celebrate health.

Ultimate Guide to Christmas Nutrition

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Why Cindafit?

I completed my study in a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Paramedics degree. Which has enhanced my speciality in health, the human body & wellness!​ I have also undertaken my Certificate III in Fitness & Health, completed my study to become a Sports Nutritionist and am now directing my study to a Clinical Masters Level, with a pure focus on Nutrition.

I educate an 80/20 approach, that is 80% nutrient filled - whole foods, and 20% fun food!! My approaches have been developed through my study as a nutritionist, research and trial and error. I produce a program which is a sustainable lifestyle for EVERYONE, it is family friendly, shift worker approved, and is personalised to your metabolism and daily energy needs.​


Let me show you how amazing my program will make you feel and look today! 

Mission & Values

I am a firm believer in realistic and achievable goals. Know your potential and always dream big. The biggest step is for you to believe you can achieve it and know what needs to be done. Remember, it is not a race and weight loss will not to be achieved overnight, but with the right support & guidance - you have the perfect tools to create optimal health, wellness and the most important part - confidence.

Diets are so very deceiving. They promise the world, yet, give very little, except disappointment. Which is exactly why the Cindafit programs are designed to help you fuel and nourish your body, without the challenging restrictions. We need to go back to the basics, eating a wholesome diet with more colour, variety and nutrients including the five food groups! Our programs are designed with delicious meals that you'll love and give you the knowledge for long-term results!

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Lucinda Porcelli.

Mount Gambier, South Australia


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