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One on One Consultation

One on One Consultation

Let CHAT! 


  • Establish what program you wish to undertake?!
  • Get to know my company
  • This is a perfect start point when you just do not know HOW to start! You have tried many diets before, you are in a rut and need to work out a plan!
  • Learn how to take complete control around food instead of letting food control YOU!
  • Gain the confidence to take back control of YOUR health.
  • Sick of feeling bloated, tired, puffy? Let’s work out WHY!
  • We will discuss your nutrition, energy avabability, macro nutrients, NEAT, Basal metabolic rate.
  • These are a 45 minute booking via your selection of ZOOM, PHONE or One on ONE. 
  • You are required to fill out a survey before this meeting and Cindafit will review and break it down prior to starting!


You will leave the session with goals, solutions, and ideas to kick start your new lifestyle!


*Please Note: This is for NON- Clients!


  • Cancellation, Rescheduling & No attendance POLICY

    Unless otherwise notified, cancellation of appointments within 48 hours of the booking time will incur the full consultation fee.


To change your lifestyle and develop healthy eating habits, improve your relationship with food and be equipped with the tools to make lasting weight loss changes.

The time has come...

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How do we start?

Let’s firstly have a look at what you are currently doing; eating and exercising - Once you purchase this program you will automatically be emailed a survey. This will enable me to get to know you and your goals I will be able to then set you a plan how we will achieve them.


It also helps if you include current photos of yourself, I know this is overwhelming, but it is a great way for me to have a good look at your body type (note: gym wear is perfectly fine for these!) If you are not comfortable sending them through initially, I suggest you store them on your phone so we can compare your progress later! 


Once your survey and nutritional consultation (foods you enjoy that you want to see in your initial plan) are complete I will then begin to write your plan based on the information we have collected!

Cindafit xo

Need to connect?

Lucinda Porcelli.

Mount Gambier, South Australia


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