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Cinda Scents co. extra-large candles come with elegant bamboo lids.

These come in 5 modern colours, that will enhance any room in your house.

Our large candles are double wicked to give you the best even pure burn.


We use a completely organic wax made from natural by-product of the soybean. These all are double wicked to give you the best even pure burn. We also use a hand blend creation of our own wax in these which will provide our customers with a immensely stronger scent. If you love smelling your candles in all rooms of your house these are for you!!


All large sized Cinda Scents co. Candles will provide you with 55 hours of burning time!

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The time has come to change your lifestyle and develop healthy eating habits, improve your relationship with food and be equipped with the tools to make lasting weight loss changes.

What does your program include?

You will also receive a comprehensive 100 + page downloadable guide.

Including education, information about water intake, the food groups you are eating, tips to sweeten up your meals without calories, how to flavour your food (with our favourite healthy condiments guide, over 60 macro friendly recipes with calculations included! 


This is the information for your success including scheduled communication with us every 14 days for the first 6-week, PLUS support throughout the week as you require and information to keep you accountable on a day to day basis. 

We educate you as we go on how to do this yourself and tweak your own eating plan. 



How do we start?

Let’s firstly have a look at what you are currently doing; eating and exercising - Once you purachse this program you will automatically be emailed a survey. This will enable me to get to know you, and your goals.

It also helps if you include current photos of yourself, I know this is overwhelming, but it is a great way for me to have a good look at your body type (note: gym wear is perfectly fine for these!) If you are not comfortable sending them through initially, I suggest you store them on your phone so we can compare your progress later! 


Once your survey is complete we will organise a consultation where we go through foods you enjoy that you want to see in your initial plan.

I will then begin to write your plan based on the information we have collected, and have it retuned within one week so you can start! 


I am very excited to work with you & show you how easy it is to also drop body fat when you know your macronutrient breakdown.

Veggie burger