The secret to success is loving yourself!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Let’s talk self-love ladies!

Are you feeling stuck in a rut, unmotivated or flat? Did you know the secret to success is actually loving yourself!

For one minute I want you to stop and think how many times today you said something negative to YOURSELF about YOURSELF or about yourself to someone else?

Let me guess too many to count on your hands!

Me too! We are all guilty of it – I am the worst offender when I am complimented I find I will shut people down and then point out a negative flaw about myself…

Why do we do this? Why do we never see ourselves as good enough? Why do we always pin-point parts of our body, life, looks or traits we dislike?!

Did you know…

What you believe, you become. Your body listens to your mind and will take negative energy in. Everyday our body does so much for us yet, why are we being so nasty to it in return?

The sooner we learn to love ourselves and are at peace with our bodies the more happier we will be!

When we act out of love for ourselves, we don’t need willpower, we don’t feel deprived, and we don’t jump on and off the healthy living bandwagon every few days! We will make choices that nurture our body and soul because we know they will make us feel amazing.

Self-love means that eating balanced meals and wholefood is a preference not a pain, daily exercise is a craving instead of a chore, and taking time out to re-charge replaces pushing through!

For me this month I have made myself a small goal.. To practice self-love as an ongoing daily practice. WHY DON’T YOU JOIN ME AND GIVE IT A GO?

Below are the 11 simple ways I will be loving my body:  

Write down three things you value about yourself and keep them in your diary – read them regularly!

Having a healthy living approach and living from a place of love instead of a place of compulsion, it becomes easy and effortless.

Start the day with movement.

Visualise each day playing out beautifully.

Diffuse my favourite essential oils, and candles.

Have a cup of  herbal tea while winging down for the night.

Use organic products in the shower and massage body location on myself ( I LOVE LUSH)!!

Wear clothes that make me feel amazing and comfortable – for me this is my Lorna Jane!




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