So many of you have reached out and shared the battles you've been facing from being at home all the time.

Here are some quick tips to focus on:

• Keep focusing on your goals! This is just a temporary hurdle in your journey, but nothing we can't handle. Make sure you try set your alarm and keep a normal morning ritual.

• Use this time to progress yourself – You now have more time at home to cook and prepare your favourite meals and try out the Cindafit recipes. • Change your thought process: What lesson can you get out of Covid 19?? I had a brainstorm myself and I thought the biggest thing for us is TO SLOW DOWN. This is what it has taught me, to enjoy life, house and nature! YEP, before this how much did we just go, go, go. and NEVER REST!?

• If it helps, eating at times of the day is a good way to stick to a routine and stay on track. Remember preplanning is key to success! • Stick to your calorie, macro targets, because the only way you'll gain weight is by eating over this. We've had TONS of queries about lowering intake goals due to many people moving less, which is something you need to monitor over a couple of weeks and adjust if needed.

- HOWEVER, remember that you are unique, and we all have specific calculations that are right for you! Before you start self-adjusting, we have recommended all our clients check in as per normal so cindafit team can adjust for them. - The key rule here is about CALORIES IN VS. CALORIES OUT, so if your optimal calorie deficit is 1600, you can eat an entire day's worth of food like above WITHOUT EXERCISE and still lose weight.

• BE KIND TO YOURSELF! This is a crazy time we're going through, and there is no right or wrong way to deal with everything. We need to try and ride the waves as best we can and develop support networks.

• If your struggling with anxiety, start to journal, come up with new morning routines, read books to relax, bake, garden and enjoy time with your family. Because seriously, when was the last generation to home school!? Or have the kids at home (What a cool experience!) Trying to keep life as normal as possible is going to help us all get through this time the Cindafit team are always here to help support and guide you along the way.

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