Staying in shape on Holidays!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

When dining out:

-Read the Menu Before you dine out and pre-pick what you want to eat!

-You are more likely to stick to your choice (and not overeat) if you do this. Stock up on salads (watch the dressing) and keep pasta and pasta salad to about a cupped or small palm size serve. 

-Pre think / select and consider your beverage choices. I always Opt for diet beverages (e.g. soda and vodka!) (Cocktails can have upwards of 500 cal per drink!)

When ordering:

-Don’t be afraid to make healthy swaps or order sides!!

Yes, your meal may be a bit more expensive BUT can you put a price on your health and body!?I never feel guilty because going out is a special time and I want to create a positive experience from it!! (not go home feeling sick!!)Vegetables are great, since they contain very few calories, but lots of healthy fibre and nutrients (You will feel full!!!)

-For example, Broccolini, Grandma's carrots, Side salads, Mixed vegetables, Greek salad, Corn on the cob, Steamed or house veg, Beans.

-All restaurants have a good list these days!When you order your meal, ask the server to swap part of your meal, such as fries for extra vegetables or a salad. You'll boost your vegetable intake and cut your calories! (This is only an option if you have saved enough calories for this it is not an issue!!)Ask for the sauce or dressing on the side!!! THAT WAY YOU HAVE CONTROL!Simple meals are always best and easier to track! E.g steak, veg, salads, chicken and order your food grilled, baked, boiled, poached, or steamed instead of fried.

-Ask for dishes to be cooked with a little olive oil instead of butter (OR no butter)

Other cindafit tips:

-Try adding in a morning walk / run every day to help increase your calories out and you will also feel good after this!

-FOCUS ON YOUR MINDSET: ONE BAD MEAL WILL NOT MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT.Try get an apartment. Have a fridge and microwave I always aim for 1 normal meal a day when travelling IF I CAN!

-It is not hard to have your normal oats, toast, yoghurt & fruit!

-During the day Drink WATER!!!! How many of us forget this on a trip!?  You may be dehydrated and craving a poor beverage choice! 

-I recommend to ONLY focus on maintenance when in holiday mode / away. There is no need to restrict yourself and try LOSE WEIGHT it will end up backfiring!

-If you return from your trip the same weight as when your left that is a WIN!

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