Is something that you are having every day costing you extra calories?

No matter how 'healthy' you think something is your body will not ignore its caloric value (ENERGY).

Do not be fooled by beverages, THEY STILL HAVE CALORIES. 1 or more coffees a day could equate upwards of an entire meal.

WHY: It all comes back to energy density, particularly if you are aiming to decrease body fat.

At the end of the day weightloss = consuming less energy than expenditure.


☕️Choose skim or non-fat milk

☕️Choose small over large

☕️Make sure your account for the coffee in your diary / tracking application

☕️Consume in moderation, weightloss is a balancing game

☕️Swap sugar for stevia

☕️Try a dash of milk if having more than one per day, rather than full milk in all coffees

☕️Anything in excess is not ‘in moderation’ or ‘balanced’

We make weightloss simple.

Weightloss and nutrition is what we do.

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