How to have a chocolate and lose weight!!?

MY GOAL IS TO MAKE food anxiety a thing of the past! I believe in dieting smarter, not restrictive. MY PASSION IS EDUCATING flexibility read below to see how to have your cake and eat it too!!

I am here to provide you with the knowledge and tools to enjoy your transformation journey and make friends with food.

My top tips for having your chocolate and losing weight are:

✅ Pre plan your day – Save a calorie allowance for the chocolate bar. ✅ Portion control ✅ Keep motivated with a check in – GET YOURSELF A COACH WHO WILL KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE!!! ✅ NO RESTRICTIONS THESE = CRAVINGS = only to binge on excessive amounts later!!!! ✅ Make your other meals in the day high in protein & nutrient dense.

All my clients are enjoying their favourite treats within their fat loss plans and still seeing results, with balance - without blow-outs.

Wondering how you can do this too? How many calories does your body need to lose weight?

I will do all the working out for on all my programs.

I will help you find a balance between 80% wholesome, nutritious foods, as well as 20% fun food!!!

YOU WILL BE ABLE TO enjoy life, make friends with food and stick to your diet!

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