Eating out can be simple!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

First is first:

Remember good #balance and variety in your food choices is ESPECIALLY important, that also means soul foods on a periodical basis.

You can still eat foods you #love and use a approach which provides flexibility to include these types of foods in #moderation

Do not be afraid to make healthy swaps to meals e.g:

• Remove sides.

• Add #vegetables these are great, since they contain very few calories, but lots of healthy fiber and nutrients (you will feel full!!!)

•Ask for the sauce or dressing on the side THAT WAY YOU HAVE CONTROL.

• Simple meals are always best and easier to track.

-E. g steak, salads, chicken, stir fry ect

• Order your food grilled, baked, broiled, poached, or steamed instead of fried.

• Ask for dishes to be cooked with a little olive oil instead of butter.

YOUR MFP DIARY WHEN YOU DINE OUT if in a #weightlosschallenge phase:

- They will not be exact but provide you with accountability to track the remaining day and not end up thousands of calories in a surplus.

- Look up the location you are eating out and plan the rest of your day around this. Most places have menus online.

- Eat high #protein snacks around dining out & a lot of nutrients eg vegetables and salad.

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