How to have your alcohol & be mindful?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

These have calories too – you can still enjoy your favourites in moderation:

1. Be aware of what you choose to drink and understand how to incorporate rather than overindulge. 2. Drinks are a significant calorie clocker, and at times just as calorie dense as a meal itself! 3. Drink plenty of water during the day as you may be dehydrated and craving a poor beverage choice! 4. Look at the nutritional labels and understand the calorie count of your choice. 5. Opt for diet beverages (e.g. soda and vodka!) (cocktails can have upwards of 500 cal per drink!) 6. Control your portions 7. Multiple beverages can send you hundreds, or even thousands of calories over your budget.

Sugar alcohols are still a form of carbohydrate. Some Nutrition Facts labels may also list sugar alcohols under total carbohydrate.

TIPS: I LOVE PIMMS: I am creative when I make it, I use diet soft drinks as my bases, ICE, LOTS OF MINT leaves (no calories), strawberries (LOW CALORIES), LIME (no calories!!) optional – tiny bit of orange or pineapple Kombucha is great also for your base too! LOW CAL OPTIONS: PIMS (30ml = 48 calories (1.5 c, 0 F, 0 P 0, Alcohol Sugar 6g) VODKA (30ml = 67 calories) ( 0 c, 0 F, 0 P, Alcohol Sugar 9.6) GIN & TONIC (30ml = 67 calories, 0 F, 0 P, 0 C, Alcohol Sugar 9.9g)

** ALWAYS ASK FOR DIET MIXERS (e.g diet coke, sprite, soda water and lime) that way you only consume the alcohol as calories! **

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