Cindafit family Meals

Chow Mein

398 calories 


Ricotta &



481 calories 

Beef Stroganoff

381 calories 


Tuna Bake

447 calories


Thank you for purchasing my delicious recipes from Gym Challenge Meals.  I hope you enjoy them.

These have all been designed by Cindafit for your success.

Cindafit loves cooking and creating healthy recipes that are family favourites.  She is an advocate that mealtime is special and there is no reason your family can’t enjoy this together and eat the same meals!

You can now track your macronutrients and calculate your day to day eating by simply scanning the barcode on this page.  This will link directly to My Fitness Pal so you can log in into your daily intake.

Enjoy and happy tracking!


 Cindafit xx

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