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Transformation Program

Are you looking for a 10kg - 16kg Weight Loss!? 

Discover our Exclusive Program, the 20 Week Transformation Program! By signing up to work exclusively with Cindafit in the 20 Week Program, you can create a healthy lifestyle, while saying goodbye to fad diets. As in the title, this program is exclusive and offers clients essential 1 on 1 time for those who need extra accountability & want greater results.


As a Nutrition and Weightloss Specialisit, Cindafit has created the ultimate transformation program, to not only assist you in losing weight, but to create long term change.


As a guide this plan is best suited for those who are ready for a lifestyle overhaul. Our current clients on this plan have lost between 10-18kg.  Let's dive in and explore how this Transformation can support your goals.

This ProgramIncludes...

Nutrition and Personalised Meal Planning

  • Investigation of your BMR, Sedentary Level in your 24-hour day period - TDEE, NEAT, Past Diet Hx for the last 12 months and energy availability

  • Past food quality and current health status analysis 

  • You will be provided with a Personalised Meal Plan including calculations of your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and Total Energy Expenditure (TDEE)

  • Supplied with your initial macro-nutrient breakdown for your body and weight goals. 

  • This plan has many options and subcategories for your 20-week success to weightloss and body goals.

  • Incudes a meal plan suited to your eating style and preferences and education how to eat off this and design your own plan with recipes on and off the program 

An Exclusive 1 : 1 Experience

  • Scheduled One on One Coaching Calls with Cindafit Owner, Lucinda

  • This exclusive Program is exactly that, and Cindafit is here to support you 100% - your consults and calls are an integral part to this program.

Weekly Program Updates

  • Review of your 20-week progress card via set one on one check ins

  • Calorie re-calculation and review monitor and constantly tweaked according to weight changes, goals fitness and needs. 

  • Goal review & reset as needed 

  • Weekly targets 

  • MFP weekly overlook by our support team & ongoing suggestions for your weightloss 

Cindafit Recipe Book

  • Access to Cindafit's exclusive recipe collection with 120 Cindafit recipes, including complete nutritional breakdowns that link directly to your meal plan.

  • All recipes are family friendly and designed for the home - your partner and children will love them.  

  • All recipes are barcoded and accessible in the My Fitness Pal (MFP) database to make for a seamless tracking and weightloss experience. 

Exclusive Access to Cindafit's Members Only Website & Community

  • Members only website with your own logins

  • Extra weekly recipe uploads

  • Nutritional Information & tutorials

  • Learning portals for your education 

  • Access to our Private Facebook Community to connect with likeminded souls

My Fitness Pal eBook & Maintenance Plan eBook

  • Tutorials on how to plan and tracking your meals.

  • An introduction to using MyFitnessPal and how to construct your own meals plans that match your macros.

  • How to eat out for success, with no guilt!

  • Information on how much fibre and water you need for your body

  • How fats, carbohydrates and proteins fit into your life.

  • Maintenance eBook after the program so you can continue this journey and refer to what I have taught you without me. 

Cindafit's Nutrition 101 eBook

  • Supplements, vitamins & micro-nutrients information.

  • Condiments guide, serving sizes

  • Sweetening up meals

  • My rules for a healthy and balanced approach to IIFYM which ensures we are meeting your nutrient needs and you understand how to balance your meals for optimum outcomes.

  • Information for you to start designing your own healthy IIFYM meals.

  • How to manage situations where you may have previously overindulged.

  • How to dine out and socialise while losing weight 

  • Alcohol: The nutritional breakdown and must understand information to socialise on your journey and enjoy beverages.

  • Stress, sleep & sodium on this journey.

  • Hormones 101 

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Let's Get Started

Are you interested in the 20 Week Exclusive Program but unsure if it's the right fit for you? Head to our Support Request Form to connect with Cindafit for an obligation free interaction to discuss your needs.

Are you ready to join the 20 Week Program and get amazing results like hundreds of others? Are you motivated and excited to change your life? Let's do this! Hit the link below to set up your Consultation with Cindafit!